Coursetoria for Non-profit

Develop talent with expert-led courses on thousands of topics - A Content Model Built for the Modern Employee

Whether it is a Government sponsored or a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), make sure you're getting the right training for your employees. We can help people acquire new skills; correct misconceptions, change behaviour and control the risks within an organisation. Our expert team is experienced in developing outcome-led custom learning to suit organisations of all sizes, and across a huge variety of sectors.

Customised Training Content from Coursetoria

Whoever you are, the success of your corporate learning lies in maximizing engagement and increasing productivity. From initial needs analysis and advice, through design; we use a range of activities to create learning campaigns that deliver real impact within your organization.

Designed to be the perfect fit, our custom learning development helps you create beautiful bespoke content tailored to the specific requirements of your organisation.

The Highest Quality Courses Curated from a Powerful Marketplace

Every day new courses are added to the marketplace. Our Content Team actively monitors course reviews, topic demand, specific customer requests, and student feedback to select the top rated and highest quality courses as part of the Coursetoria for Non-Profits collection.

Learning is Not "One-Size-Fits-All"

The instructors we engage are renowned subject matter experts and trusted real-life practitioners. Your employees need to learn new skills, and each person has a different learning style. Our mission is to deliver agile learning from a diverse set of instructors to meet the needs of your employees.

Fresh Topics Based on Industry Trends

The marketplace model allows us to deliver new courses as quickly as industry trends change and emerge. We add new courses every day and remove outdated courses so that you and your employees can always trust and rely on what they’re learning.