Modeling & Traditional Wedding Cake Class

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Course Requirements: Modeling tools; Veining tool, balling tool, e.t.c Modeling paste- Fondant icing, Pastillage Corn flour Vegetable shortening CMC glue Dusting colors- White, Red, Peach, and other colors recommended by the teacher Edible spirit/Alcohol Male & Female people mold Craft knife Florist wire 18g, 22g, 24g, 26g Small paint brushes 0,00,000 Royal icing Styrofoam block or Oasis Barbeque sticks Wheel cutter – i.e Pizza cutter Palette dish Paste colours- Ivory, wine, burgundy, yellow, brown, black, and other paste colors recommended by teacher Toothpick Butter icing Cakes : Full Ball shape cake, 2 x 6” round (3” height), 1x4” round cake (3” height) Florist tape (white) Ribbon cutter Serrated knife Fondant Smoother Tracing wheel (i.e small cutting wheel) Calyx cutter Scriber needle Confectioners’ glaze Browny Cake boards Dowel rods Small saucer Thread (red color) Rolling pin - Small & Big Kitchen knife Basket mould set Petal dust colors for Sugar fruit dusting

Course Objective

Many required ingredients, cutters, accessories/ Tools available for sale in Mix 'n' bake confectionery. It is important you get required ingredients, Tools/ accessories so as to participate in class! Borrowing from Mix 'n' Bake Confectionery will not be allowed! Enquire from Mix 'n' Bake the right accessories and ingredients to be bought before buying from the market so as to buy the right one because sellers are usually more interested in selling their products to you than you buying the right product.

Course Outline
  • Human Being in Traditional Attire
  • Human Being in English Attire
  • Basket of fruit modeling
  • Making of calabash i.e Palm wine gourd & Native cup
  • Making of talking drum i.e Gangan & Drum stick
  • Modeling of kola nuts, Bitter kola, Kola nut plate & Traditional beads
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