Master Certificate in Construction Project Management

Management, Professional Courses

  • Ikeja, Lagos
  • 5 days
  • 547,000.00

Master certificate in construction project management course focuses on the roles of the Contractor and Construction Manager as key participants in Project Execution. The course addresses the project and business demands of this function, both of which must be understood and properly managed as an integral part of the overall project effort. The various management concepts available to the Owner and Construction Manager for construction execution will be examined and evaluated. The certification is issued after completing the course and exam, by the American Association of project management, The certification is title certified construction project manager.

Course Objective

To examine, in some depth, the specific management processes applied to utilize construction resources on the project. From the Construction Manager?s perspective to develop the knowledge necessary to deal effectively with both the integrative management demands of the project and the profit or business motives of the Owner or construction company. From the Project Manager's perspective, to develop the insights and understanding of the Construction Manager?s role required to effectively integrate and manage this function as a major component of overall Project Execution. To explore the practical application of specific management concepts, approaches, systems and procedures used to plan, supervise, and evaluate the productive performance of construction resources in a capital project.

Course Outline
  • 1. Project Options for Managing Construction
  • 2. Role of the Construction Manager in the Project Team
  • 3. Managing the Contractor’s Business
  • 4. Labour Relations & Construction Manager’s Perspective
  • 5. Developing the Successful Claim
  • 6. Major Assignment Presentations
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