Training Workshop on Management Skills Acquisition for Self-Employment (ARM 212)

Agriculture, Professional Courses

  • Ilorin, Kwara
  • 4 days
  • 33,000.00

Acquisition of appropriate management skills in small and medium enterprise (SME) management enhances self-employment and reduces poverty through the effective use of available resources to produce various products for markets. Most developing countries adopt technical and vocational education and training to equip people with skills that will enable them to engage in self-employment for productive livelihoods. However, technical and vocational skills alone are inadequate for a successful career in SME. There is a need to complement such acquired skills with management and entrepreneurial skills to make self-employment in SME a viable career option.

Course Objective

This training workshop is designed to enhance the capacity of participants for self-employment generation. At the end of the course, participants should be able to identify and explain skills that contribute to successful entrepreneurship identify available resources and market potentials of SMEs identify backstopping and support services for SMEs management; and manage business enterprises for sustainability.

Course Outline
  • Overview of management skill training programmes in developing countries.
  • Basic management principles.
  • Basic entrepreneurial skills.
  • Business plan development.
  • Application of ICT in business management.
  • Mobilization of resources for enterprise development.
  • Market analysis and marketing concepts in SMEs.
  • Strategies for managing risks and uncertainties in SMEs.
  • Backstopping and support services needs of SMEs management.
  • Gender issues in SMEs.
Jack London

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Agricultural and Rural Management Training Institute

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