Management of Agricultural Commodity Value Chain for Agribusiness (1st Run)

Agriculture, Professional Courses

  • Ilorin, Kwara
  • 4 days
  • 44,000.00

The enormity of varieties of agricultural commodities in Nigeria cannot be overemphasized. Agricultural commodities such as oil palm, cocoa, groundnut, rice, maize, wheat, soybean, cassava, sweet potato, cattle, fish, poultry, etc. have potentials that could be developed into value chains. Agricultural Commodity Value Chain Development (AVCD) enhances local and foreign investments into inputs, agricultural commodity production, transportation, processing, warehousing and marketing. This provides agribusiness opportunities for wealth creation, employment generation, income generation, poverty reduction and food security among others. However, the National Baseline Study of ARMTI on AVCD in 2012/13 shows that there are no established agricultural value chains in Nigeria and that various agro-ecological zones are endowed with different agricultural commodities that could be developed into value chains. Hence, there is the need to fully utilize these opportunities.

Course Objective

This course is designed to enhance the participants with various AVCD knowledge and skills that will enable them to utilize, develop and manage various agribusiness opportunities along the value chains. At the end of the course, participants should be able to: explain the concept of AVCD for agribusiness; identify various agricultural commodity value chains and agribusiness opportunities in different agro-ecological zones; describe the roles and responsibilities of among AVCD stakeholders in the are; and acquire knowledge and skills for chain empowerment and development.

Course Outline
  • Overview of AVCD for agribusiness opportunities.
  • Agricultural commodity value chains and agribusiness opportunities in different agro ecological zones.
  • Mapping and Analyzing the economic sustainability of a value chain.
  • Prioritizing value chain.
  • Strategies for chain empowerment.
  • Gender and vulnerable group issues in AVCD.
  • Linking stakeholders to market.
  • Agricultural commodity value chain financing.
  • Monitoring and evaluation in AVCD.
Jack London

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