Linux Certified Engineer [LCE]

Information Technology, Professional Courses

  • Ikeja, Lagos
  • 20 days
  • Contact Provider

To sit in this exam the candidate must hold the Linux Certified Professional Certificate,

Course Objective

Each objective is assigned a weighting value. The weights range roughly from 1 to 10 and indicate the relative importance of each objective. Objectives with higher weights will be covered in the exam with more questions from the below mentioned topics. Shells, Scripting and Data Management User Interfaces and Desktops Administrative Tasks Essential System Services Networking Fundamentals Security

Course Outline
  • Shells, Scripting and Data Management
  • Administrative Tasks
  • Essential System Services
  • Networking Fundamentals
  • Security
  • Linux Kernel
  • System Startup
  • Filesystem and Devices
  • Advanced Storage Device Administration
  • Networking Configuration
  • System Maintenance
  • Domain Name Server
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