Quick ways to enhance the marketing appeal of your website

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Quick ways to enhance the marketing appeal of your website

Often overlooked, there are a few quick wins that can really make your website stand out and increase conversion.

A growing number of entrepreneurs are taking to the digital community in order to successfully market their goods and services. While this is great in terms of revenue generation, we are all aware that many would-be successful freelancers will fall far short of the mark.

One of the reasons for such failures arises from the fact that their websites have not been optimised sufficiently to attract the required level of inbound traffic. Thankfully, solving this problem is much easier than it may initially appear. What are some tried-and-tested techniques to employ, and why is it always a smart choice to work with trusted eCommerce platforms during any digital transition?

A picture (or Infographic) speaks 1,000 words

We live in a very visual society. Marketing professionals have realised this for years. Thus, we encounter brightly coloured cereal boxes when visiting the supermarket and stimulating commercials for the latest vehicles to hit the open road. Why not leverage these very same tactics when redesigning a website? Bland and generic content will fail to appeal to the end user. Furthermore, we must keep in mind that many individuals will be accessing your pages via devices such as tablets and mobile phones. Visual elements are therefore even more important, as few consumers have the desire to read long blocks of text. There are numerous graphics which can be embedded into your site. These include:

High-definition images

Flash video presentations

Interactive logos


Make certain that the content in question is relevant to what you have to offer. Also, determine whether or not the HTML associated with the graphics themselves is SEO-friendly. Search engines such as Google will rank a website higher if its algorithms can identify the graphical material within its pages.

Optimise your content

In this sense, we are going back to the basics. While you might have recognised the importance of search engine optimisation for years, there is always room for improvement. The rules have likewise changed in regards to what type of content will help your site rank higher within a SERP. Namely, the material needs to be much more organic and targeted to the reader in question as opposed to the search engine. You will also need to avoid “black-hat” practices such as keyword stuffing and inserting unrelated hyperlinks within the content itself. These are both sure-fire ways to incur stiff search engine penalties.

E-commerce platforms can come in quite handy if you are unfamiliar with some of these methods. This is why it is always a good idea to partner up with a trusted firm. If you have a question, a customer service representative is likewise available 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

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The bottom line is that online competition is growing daily. Staying one step ahead of your closest rivals is the best way to guarantee success in the coming years.

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